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Indoor Archery Range

Are you looking for something fun and easy to do with friends or family, or simply want to enjoy the thrill and excitement of shooting a bow and arrow? Archery is an entertaining, affordable and family-friendly activity that everyone of all ages and skill levels can enjoy year-round at our indoor archery range in Tullahoma, TN. We have a 6 lane 20 yard range.

If you’ve never shot a bow before, we recommend that you take our Introduction To Archery class.




- The most important rule is that archers never point an arrow at anyone at anytime, even if's not on the bow.

- Archers keep all arrows points down inside their issued side quiver until they are called to the shooting line by the instructor AND the command word is given to start shooting.

- Archers place one foot on each side of the yellow shooting line facing the correct direction as determined by their dominate eye (not handedness).

- When shooting, arrows are always pointed down range at the targets (never at the ceiling, center post, wall, side windows, lights or sprinkler).

- Should an arrow fall to the ground when loading the bow, the archer leaves the arrow on the ground till all shooters are finished shooting

- After shooting, each archer steps back from the yellow shooting line, returns their bow to the bow rack, and remains at least five feet back of the shooting line until all archers have shot their arrows, returned their bows to the rack , AND the command words are given to retrieve arrows.

- Archers always walk at a "normal pace" when retreiving arrows. Running is not permitted on the range or anywhere else in the store. 

- Upon retreiving arrows, archers always pick their arrows off the ground first and immediately return them to their quiver (points down), and then proceed to the target wall to collect any arrows that have been shot there.

- When at the target wall, archers always check behind themselves when pulling arrows, just to be sure that no one is standing closeby. Arrows are always pulled one-at-a-time, and immediately returned to the quiver (points down).

- Either on or off the shooting line, an archer never pulls the string of a bow back without an arrow - NEVER. This prevents a potentially dangerous situation called a dry fire.

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