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My husband, USMC Sergeant Justin S Crago has honorably served his country since 2012. On November 4, 2016 it was my honor to become his wife. Since then, We have been blessed to have two beautiful children, loving supportive families and settling down in his hometown Tullahoma, Tennessee. I can think of no other more deserving individual than my husband Justin. His service to our country, loving demeanor for his family and passion for the outdoors makes him well deserving of the 2020 Bowtech Guardian Limited Edition Bow.

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Served his country with pride, lost good friends while doing so. Came home to go on to being a good man, loving father and loyal husband.Now works as a public servant and actively involved in the Veteran community,and I need someone to go to 3D shoots with. Thank you for your consideration.



At the age age of 18 Thomas began serving as a Fireman in Centertown Tennessee where he has been for 15 years. During this time he has served 7 years in our military as well ,deploying to Iraq 2009-2010. I’ve not met a more kind hearted respectful person in my life. This guy goes above and beyond to help folks in need and would give his life if that meant saving yours! I hope you consider this nomination for SPC Thomas Mullins as it is well deserved!! Thank you brother for your service , and beings an outstanding citizen!!



Zach is honestly the most giving person I know. For 5 years he was a volunteer at Hickerson Station Vol. Fire. During that time he realized that helping others was a calling he couldn't ignore and decided to become a full time fire fighter with the City of Tullahoma where he has served since 2013. In 2016 he obtained his EMT-B license and began working for the Moore Co. EMS helping people in our local community. Zach often misses family events, birthdays, anniversaries, kids milestones because he wants to be there to help the public. In his off time, he and our two sons enjoy shooting their bows and guns. The boys adore when Daddy takes them hunting and they get that "man-time" together. Thank you for considering Zach for this award. If he were to win, I know this would be so special to he and our boys. Sincerely, Kelly Smith

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She is hard working and very dedicated to the fire department. Her father is a full time firefighter so the passion for firefighting runs in the blood. She spends hours training to become a better firefighter. Every opportunity that she gets she is outside shooting her bow. She has recently gotten into the bowfishing sport and she absolutely loves i

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