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Scout Shop

Get Equipped and Informed All in One Place!

You’ve already made the two most important decisions: joining Scouting and coming here to get started! You’re standing where the adventure begins! Taylor's Archery Scout Shop is so much more than just the place where you pick up your uniform and handbook. We are your one-stop Scouting resource, offering not only a comprehensive selection of the best supplies, but information on volunteering, activity ideas, and Scouting events and programs!

Look Around... There’s So Much More to Discover

Way beyond a retail store, Taylor's Archery Scout Shop offers products that become the seeds of experience. Everything you need, as a Scout, Parent or Adult Volunteer, to nurture a rich learning and growing environment for Scouts is here.

Uniforms & Clothing ● Pinewood Derby ● Camp & Outdoor Gear ● Collectible Patches  Training Manuals ● Books & Manuals  Craft Supplies ● Activity Planning Resources ● Trophies & Awards ● Insignia & Pins ● Gift Certificates ● Recognition Items

Cub Scouts / Boy Scouts
With fun and discovery at every turn, Scouting makes the most of right now. Providing boys a foundation they can stand on to embrace opportunity, overcome obstacles and make new discoveries. Make scouting the foundation of your future. Build a adventure today!
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